Bible Readings

There will be approximately 3 readings from the Bible each Sunday. These readings are chosen by the Christian church as a whole, and rotate on a 3-year cycle known as the lectionary.

There are several translations of the Bible into English from its original Hebrew and Greek. We find the most scholarly and inclusive version to be the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

We encourage you to listen rather than read along, however you may borrow a Bible from the back of the sanctuary if you’d like to read the text. Chinese and large print Bibles are available there as well.

Music and Singing

Christians love to sing! (Well, most of them. Some just like to listen.) We are blessed at Gilmore Park with a fantastic music ministry including a chancel choir and instrumentalists. Music in the morning service is a blend of traditional Christian hymns and more modern worship songs. All the words to our hymns and songs come up on the big screen. Feel free to join in or just listen. There are hymn books in the pews (“Voices United”) for those of you who like to read the music. Hymn numbers are displayed on the screen for all hymns.

The Church Seasons

The décor in the sanctuary follows the seasons of the church year. The year begins four weeks before Christmas, a season called Advent ("waiting").





Four Sundays before Christmas

Blue (3rd Sunday is Pink)


Christmas Eve to January 6

White and Gold


January 6 and following



Six weeks before Easter



Easter and 50 days following

White and Gold

Day of Pentecost

50 days after Easter


Season After Pentecost (Ordinary Time)

Pentecost until Advent


Hearing Assistance

A T-loop hearing assistance system is in place for hearing aids that support this or you may ask the ushers or greeters for a headset.

Visual Assistance

If you can’t read the big screen, but you can read a printed document, please speak to an usher or greeter. We have large print hymn books available.