Sing a New Song!

Wherever you are in your journey of life, however you understand your spiritual path, whoever you are - you are warmly welcome.

Worship is a time of both prayer and promise, songs that softly rise, and songs that belt out praise, scriptures of ancient stories and hearing afresh the call of Christ to love our neighbour; care for one another, and celebrate our belovedness.  

Worship is a time to connect with the holy - within ourselves, and beyond ourselves in all of Creation. We respond to Creator, Spirit, and join in the creative process. So we can celebrate with ancient words and modern music, with ancient music and in modern words. We pray and learn in different ways: in silence or in song, and with our whole bodies.

Everyone is welcome at worship, regardless of age, background, sexual or gender identity, neuro diversity, etc. We all start together and then, for those who wish, there are programs designed especially for children and youth (and adults are welcome too).  

Communion is a visible sign where we remember and act out the wondrous mystery of God's self-giving love, as we have received it from Christ. Anyoe who seeks to follow the way of Christ is welcome to participate. We celebrate communion usually on the first Sunday of the month.