Visiting Us for the First Time

Everyone is welcome to attend and experience our worship service. It doesn't matter what, if any, faith tradition you are part of, or whether or not you've ever been to church before.

You will be greeted warmly, treated with dignity, and your privacy will be respected. No one will try to "convert you" to anything. And you are invited to participate as much or as little as you like.

Most people dress quite casually - but that's up to you.


We are delighted to welcome your children into our worship experience. If you'd like a bit of space or privacy, you may care for infants and children under 3 in the nursery, where you can see and hear the church service from there). But children of all ages are welcome to be in the sanctuary with everyone, and to participate as they are able. 

After the first part of the service, Children are invited to go upstairs with leaders for Kid's Church. You are welcome to accompany your child upstairs if you wish, and stay for all or part of the program.