What is First United?

First United Church is a mission church in the midst of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

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How we Support First United

Once a month, on the second Wednesday of the month, a group meets in the church kitchen to make sandwiches which are taken to First United.  Other churches throughout the Lower Mainland participate in this initiative as well, so that First United can count on a delivery of fresh sandwiches almost daily.

We also publish news and requests from First United so that we can respond to their urgent needs.  We have a hamper in the narthex to collect donations.  

First United Prayer Chain

We believe in the primacy of prayer. We have faith in the blessing of trans-formative Grace which time with God brings to our lives. We pray fervently and often. The prayer chain is a ministry. It consists of individuals whohave agreed to be included in a Blind Copy email group. Someone’s first name and prayer need is sent to the group. The participants then add the
name to their prayer practice. The connection is made and the warm and vibrant energy of Spirit is engaged.

If you would like to be an anonymous member of the Prayer Chain, known only by Rev. Sally, please email her at smcshane@firstunited.ca. God Bless you all.