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Important conversations as we prepare for the future.

For all family members and seniors. Bring your questions and loved ones.


funeral planning: a gift to your family

Join our ministers, Kerry & Bruce, for a practical conversation about planning a memorial or funeral service, and some of the other ways we can help our families in their time of loss.

 Two sessions to choose from:

Wed. May 15, 6:30 – 8pm   or

Thurs. May 16, 10:30am – 12pm

More info: funeral planning


medical assistance in dying (MAID): a helpful conversation

Join us for a caring and open conversation about the option for a compassionate death in special circumstances. Who qualifies? What arrangements are required? How does it work? How can your family, friends and faith community support you?

 Two sessions to choose from:

Wed. June 12, 6:30 – 8pm   or

Thurs. June 13, 10:30am – 12pm

More info: medical-assistance-in-death-MAID conversation