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Why Talk about Race?
by Rev. Maggie Watts-Hammond
from a sermon given for Black History Month in 2019.
As a white person, is my identity and my character so fragile, that I cannot think about issues of race that affect all aspects of our society? Or can I ask Christ to hold my hand as I walk into a conversation I’d rather avoid?
Why do I have to look at these issues, when I’m already tired from all those other things going on? When my heart is already heavy.
Because if I don’t, then it will weigh on my heart in the background, and I am chained forever.
I am undergoing surgery tomorrow. And so instead of the usual video service, I’d like to offer this sermon from last year, during Black History Month. You can find it below.
And then, I’d like you to look at those people of colour, especially United Church Ministers, who are offering statements at this time.
Adele Halliday, a colleague in ministry at the General Council Office to white people, especially those of us in the church...
Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey of Parkdale United Church spoke with 580-CFRA's "Ottawa at Work" about both his experience, and the history, of anti-Black racism in Canada.
Click the link and listen...