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Spring is here on the West Coast and we are blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of creation so obvious in this season.  Hopefully, you can feel your spirits being lifted, even if ever so slightly, as the new growth, flowers and blossoms spring forth again.

We feel the impact of the changing season on us. And yet, so often we see ourselves as separate from the rest of creation which leads us to mistreat God’s creatures and our Earth home. Earth Day is April 22

Let’s take some time to explore our surroundings (safely, of course) and reflect on the beauty and gifts around us in the form of the natural world.  Or maybe think back to a place you visited in nature you never forget because it blessed you with rest, comfort or awe.

Help us celebrate and honour the beauty and gifts of nature while we remember our interconnectedness with each other and the whole of creation and pray for the rejuvenation and healing for the Earth.

Submit up to three of your own photos to Shannon at for Earth Day to be included in a video to be shared with the congregation and the broader community.

Deadline: Thursday, April 22, 2021 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch!  We look forward to seeing your beautiful images! May you stay safe and well and know you are missed.