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Today as I (Kerry) wondered through the church memorial garden I noticed the angel and the sunshine. I noticed the new buds and old branches, crunchy leaves and bright blue sky. Signs of last year and this year, past seasons and new ones to come. The garden is busy underground preparing.
Rev. Maggie and I met today (masked, physically distanced with the window open) to plan for the Season of Lent and Easter. We’re looking back to last year and looking ahead to the next few months, new seasons and new pandemic experiences. Quietly working and preparing.
While in the garden, words from this great hymn came to mind.
“I see a new heaven, I see a new earth as the old one will pass away, Where the fountain of life flows and without price goes to all people who abide in the land”
(Voices United 713 written by Carolyn McDade 1979)